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Hey y'all, this is a special message from Miss Tina tellin' you to get as pumped as you can be, 'cause we've got loads of fun headed your way! But, uh, don't get too pumped, alright? We don't want a repeat of the Christmas Ham incident, and I sure as heck don't wanna send any of you off right after Mister Johnson from 32C. So put on some feel good music and hear me on the weekend!

It ain't too cold, but it ain't too hot, so we're bringin' back Outdoors Day! The grounds aren't in bloom, but it is high time you got some fresh air and sunshine again. As always, I'll be makin' my rounds to see how my favorite residents are doing - that's all y'all, of course. Oh, and remember to check out our new perimeter walls! The construction guys did an awesome job on them. Let's hope the neighborhood kids don't put their nasty drawings on there like last time.

If you're not up for outside time, then you can kick it in the Craft Room. Nurse Jessie's gonna bring some yarn for y'all to make whatever crafty things you feel like makin'! Definitely check that out.

Nurse Malcolm'll be servin' up decaf coffee and sugar free coffee cakes with meds in the Cafeteria. The special is MEATLOAF AND MASHED POTATOES with a side of GREEN JELLO.

Okay, so the Weather Channel says it'll be sort of crappy out today, so we're openin' up the Craft Room to any and all activities! You can doodle, or paint, or sing, or read a book - whatever is fine so long as you don't go outside! Nobody should go out in that crap if they don't have to. Nurse Jessie'll be supervisin' as usual.

Aw yeah, we've got tea and blueberry muffins with pills in the Cafeteria today! We've got MALCOLM'S SURPRISE STEW on the menu, along with some GREEN JELLO!

Bring the bow ties and pantyhose out of the mothballs, ladies and gents, 'cause we're havin' our very own Holly Peaks Senior Prom tonight! Shake what your momma gave you and prove to Miss Tina you've still got the coolest moves!

Alright, I know Sunday is serious business up in here. Always has been, always will be, and I'm not gonna rock the boat on that one. So we'll keep it simple today. We've got an all-day breakfast thing going on, with PANCAKES and GREEN JELLO as far as the eye can see in the Cafeteria! Make sure you take your medication, people! Nurse Malcolm doesn't spend the wee hours of the morning sorting all of it for nothing.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for...Sunday Bingo! Nurse Jessie's got three big mystery prizes today, as well as loads of the usual prizes, so show her your Bingo-fu!

...But if you'd be so kind, keep it clean. I'm serious. No more foolin' around. You're all old and can't handle a weekly heart attack.


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